Elevate my communities. I help you get what you deserve. Together we successfully beat the odds of structural racism.


Black People are not dark white people” – Tom Burell

Negotiation books/trainings/webinars/etc… are created for white people by white people. Join our community to build negotiation skills that work for you!

About me

Negotiating while Black

I Negotiated major deals, trained thousands of executives, and continuously trained myself over the past 18 years. But so are many people in the world.

The difference is my background.  A Black man from the French Caribbean. Raised by a single mother in a “bad” neighborhood of Paris until 18 years old.  Who was then accepted to a university in the fanciest part of Paris and ultimately received his MBA from Columbia Business School and works as an executive for a global corporation.

That gives me a unique perspective on challenges people of color face when negotiating.



Greatly appreciating your blog. Brave stuff! May I quote you? “Money is a terrible master, but an amazing servant”


Love the vulnerability you are sharing in support of a greater cause.



  • Is the UK a model for white-majority countries?
    The latest example of whitewashing. The UK report on Racism is a disgrace and is coming at the most insensitive moment. Let’s debunk the key finding in less than 50 words for each.
  • Marcus Garvey v.s. W.E.B Du Bois
    What will take the Black community out of our current situation? Bottom-up or top-down approach. The populist approach or elitist approach. This question has been haunting me for a few years. Yet, I never reach an answer I am happy with. On the one hand, my humble upbringing could mean I prefer a grassroots approach. On the other hand, my Columbia MBA would make me more of an elitist.
  • Fireside Chat Topics: 4 Questions to answer
    For Black History month, one of my previous employers invited me to come for a fireside chat. I was conflicted at first. Firstly, about 2 months ago I told myself that it was over. I had enough of pouring my heart out in front of people to “educate” them or give them a good story to share during the next dinner party. But I am also deeply committed to my community. So could I say no to this Black Employee Network programming their BHM celebrations?

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