Elevate my communities. I help you get what you deserve. Together we successfully beat the odds of structural racism.


Black People are not dark white people” – Tom Burell

Negotiation books/trainings/webinars/etc… are created for white people by white people. Join our community to build negotiation skills that work for you!

About me

Negotiating while Black

I Negotiated major deals, trained thousands of executives, and continuously trained myself over the past 18 years. But so are many people in the world.

The difference is my background.  A Black man from the French Caribbean. Raised by a single mother in a “bad” neighborhood of Paris until 18 years old.  Who was then accepted to a university in the fanciest part of Paris and ultimately received his MBA from Columbia Business School and works as an executive for a global corporation.

That gives me a unique perspective on challenges people of color face when negotiating.



Greatly appreciating your blog. Brave stuff! May I quote you? “Money is a terrible master, but an amazing servant”


Love the vulnerability you are sharing in support of a greater cause.



  • Lessons from Narcos on Netflix – Why do they never have enough money?
    After watching the 4th season of Narcos, it hit me. No, I am not talking about every drug lord ending up dead or in prison. No, I am not referring to the fact that there will be drug lords as long as there is demand. I want to highlight how they always run out of money. How can you run out of money? The Cali cartel made up to $7B per year at the height of their criminal empire.
  • Everyone’s guide to investing
    ” I want to create generational wealth; how do I get started?” A simple question. Still, I struggled to give a simple answer to people asking. Until now.
  • My inner saboteurs were my most vital allies until they became my enemies
    A saboteur is a person who deliberately damages or destroys things. How could a saboteur be a good thing in my life then? It never was a good thing, but some of the impacts were useful earlier in my journey. 

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