Everyone’s guide to investing

” I want to create generational wealth; how do I get started?” A simple question. Still, I struggled to give a simple answer to people asking. Until now.

Monthly Reflection #1

I am starting a new série. This is after I heard one of my mentor say “businesses always look back … More

Marcus Garvey v.s. W.E.B Du Bois

What will take the Black community out of our current situation? Bottom-up or top-down approach. The populist approach or elitist approach. This question has been haunting me for a few years. Yet, I never reach an answer I am happy with. On the one hand, my humble upbringing could mean I prefer a grassroots approach. On the other hand, my Columbia MBA would make me more of an elitist.

Fireside Chat Topics: 4 Questions to answer

For Black History month, one of my previous employers invited me to come for a fireside chat. I was conflicted at first. Firstly, about 2 months ago I told myself that it was over. I had enough of pouring my heart out in front of people to “educate” them or give them a good story to share during the next dinner party. But I am also deeply committed to my community. So could I say no to this Black Employee Network programming their BHM celebrations?

Kwanzaa Celebration: Day 7 – Imani (Faith). Peace Alima

Happy New Year! Today, my special guest is Peace Alima. She lives in London and was born in Uganda. She is an amazing yoga teacher. Such a great guest to finalize our Kwanzaa celebrations. She shared wisdom, and great tips to be in tune with yourself. It felt like a mental yoga session. Listen to her point of views on Faith, Race, Negotiation and much more.

Kwanzaa Celebration: Day 6 – Kuumba (Creativity). Phalakone Mysay

Today, my special guest is Phalakone Mysay. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter. He is an Author and an Entrepreneur in Real Estate and eCommerce. He lives by his motto of “Make it Happen”. And indeed he has been making it happen for more than a decade. After arriving broke in Canada, he is a self made millionaire, who is only getting started. Listen to his original point of views on Creativity, Race, Negotiation and much more.